How To Determine If A Towing Company Is Reliable

At some point every single person will experience a vehicle mechanical failure or an accident. This is when you must find a towing company to come and remove your vehicle to a safe location. Chances are that you are not going to be prepared for this situation, so how do you know how to find a good reliable towing company. While it is much more difficult to find a good towing company from the side of the road it is possible as long as you have a cell phone with Internet capabilities, or a phonebook.

Speaking With the Towing Company

When you decide on a company, you are going to have to make a phone call to them. This is when you will speak with an employee or representative of the company. This is going to be your first impression of the company. You would be surprised at how much you can leave from this first conversation just as long as you know what to look for.

For instance, right off the bat you should ask yourself, “Does the employee you are speaking with seem nice and knowledgeable? It also helps if you tell them what kind of vehicle you have and ask them if they have trucks that are capable of towing your vehicle. If their response is yeah we should, then that is a good sign that they aren’t too knowledge. A good towing company in new york would know right from the start if they can tow your vehicle or not.

Timely Arrival

After a truck has been dispatched to your area it is important to note if they show up on time. Now, there are things that can happen to slow down the driver, but if they are going to arrive late then you should at least expect a phone call. These are all signs that will tell you if you are dealing with a reliable company or not.

Appearance and Quality

Once the driver shows up at the scene, you want to make note of the truck and the driver. Is the driver well groomed and is the quality of the truck in good shape. There is nothing wrong with an older tow truck, but is it at least clean? If a towing company or employee does not take care of themselves and their vehicle how do you think they are going to handle your vehicle?


When finding a towing company in NYC there is a lot to consider, but as long as you stick to the above information you will be able to find a great reliable company.

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