All About Our Comprehensive Queens Towing Services

All About Our Comprehensive Queens Towing Services

It is undeniably true that you would have a difficult time surviving without your automobile. Nonetheless, you are probably like the other residents of Queens, New York. You most likely have a love-hate relationship with your car or truck. While it is necessary for getting around, your vehicle probably gives you a fright from time to time. In fact, you’ve probably found yourself stranded on the roadside at some point or another. When this happens, you’ll need to reach out to a towing company as soon as possible. We are the number one Queens towing company and we’ll be able to reach you faster than our competitors.

Our towing experts are here to help and they’ll be able to transport your vehicle to the desire destination. You’ll learn more about our tow truck in Queens below.


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A Full-Scale Service

First and foremost, you should know that some towing companies in Queens do not offer full-scale services. Some are only willing to tow vehicles during certain hours of the day and their service list will be very limited. Our company is different. We strive to accommodate the needs of each and every client. We do this by offering a wide variety of services and by offering our services all hours of the day and night. Whether you’re in need of tow in the middle of the night or you need access to gas, we’ll be able to help.

On top of that, we also offer battery charges and tire changes. No matter what type of problem you’re facing, we’ll be able to help.

Reliable Equipment

Tow truck equipment has changed immensely over the years. In order to ensure you get the best service possible, it is pertinent to choose a company that utilizes the latest equipment. This is where we enter the picture. Our company has gone above and beyond to ensure we have the latest and most reliable towing equipment possible. At the same time, our trucks receive consistent maintenance at our headquarters. Nothing would be worse than having your vehicle hitched up only for the tow truck to break down.

We take steps to prevent this from happening. Should a problem arise, we’ll quickly dispatch another truck to your vehicle’s location.

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Affordable Rates

There are many towing companies in the Queens area, but not all of them are equal. We pride ourselves on being able to offer the client the cheapest rate. And, we also believe in remaining transparent and honest. When working with us, you can rest assured knowing we will never tack on hidden fees to try and increase our profits. Instead, we will provide the client with a quote ahead of time based on the number of miles their vehicle will be towed. The client will always know precisely how much they’ll be required to pay, after their vehicle arrives at the destination.

Feel Free To Interview Our Drivers

Being stranded on the side of the roadway, with not help in sight, you will feel very venerable. As towing company in Queens, we are here to serve the public in every way possible, when it comes to towing your damaged or broken vehicle. At this time, you will probably be skeptical about specific tow truck drivers, which is why we encourage our customers to interview our drivers. We want you to feel comfortable, when hiring our company to assist you in your time of time.

You are also welcome to check the driver’s credentials, just for identification purposes. The driver will accommodate you in every way possible to calm your nerves and stress.

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Pre-Employment Process

Our employees are required to undergo an extensive pre-employment process, with a criminal background check. We also check the employee’s driving record and license, just to make sure there are not driving offenses, involving alcohol or drug consumption while operating a vehicle. We want all of our customers to feel comfortable around our towing team and this is a sure way to do it. We also conduct routine drug tests to unexpected drivers, just so we can catch anyone that wants to consume illicit drugs, before hitting the road.

Our drivers are also supplied with uniforms that contain our company logo and the driver’s name. This helps the stranded motorist identify the driver, before allowing them to tow their vehicle. If you have any questions about the pre-employment process, please feel free to contact our office.

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Our Benefits

We sincerely understand that there are companies vying for your business. Nonetheless, we feel that you’ll be better served by use. We follow a strict protocol to ensure the client is served to the best of our ability, while also attempting to keep the costs to a minimum. And of course, we also want the client to maintain maximum peace of mind. Below, you will learn precisely why you should choose us as your towing company!

  • We use a transparent pricing system. We will never raise the rates after the car has arrived at its destination.
  • Our experts will treat your automobile, as if it is theirs. They’ll do everything humanely possible to avoid damaging or scratching your car.
  • We are licensed by the state of New York. We abide by all state laws to ensure the client is protected to the fullest and served properly!
  • We also maintain insurance. We want to protect the client in the event of an accident.
  • We offer a full-scale assortment of services. We can bring you gas, change your tire, and even charge your battery.
  • We also offer 24-hour towing. We can provide you with our service at any time of the day or night.
  • Our towing experts will do everything possible to arrive on time.

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Contact Us!

Non-emergency situations give motorists more time to prepare for the towing service. More often than not, drivers in need of a tow truck will be caught out in the middle of nowhere or on a busy intersection. We handle each situation in the same manner, but we focus our attention on emergency situations first. Non-emergency towing is just as important, so do not think that we are mishandling your request. We will gladly answer any questions you have about both the non-emergency and emergency towing services.

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